Dear Lama,

Thank you for the time you spent with me and the information you provided. It is such a pleasure to know someone like you! I liked you even before I met you, and I am now glad that I am now friends with such a lovely, sweet person. I hope we stay in touch and keep you as a friend.  

Thank you for the beautiful, fantastic and helpful sessions. Your lovely coaching style made it easy to understand and grasp all the information. As a result, I am now looking at my closet differently. Finally, I can pick colors confidently and style my clothes quickly. I am planning to go through every piece and only keep what suits based on your lovely recommendations 🙂 I know you don’t mind helping at any time. The portfolio you shared at the end of the sessions is rich and has all the details needed and discussed. It is a reference in case I forgot my colors or style. 

I am grateful that finally, I can wear makeup knowing that I am selecting the shades that suit my skin color and personality.
I did not only learn about colors and styles. You also shared tricks about makeup, shopping Apps, and even food with me!

Your lovely and encouraging words every time you see me, mean a lot to me. Thank you for having me at your home, for the coffee and delicious bites, and the warm welcome every time. 

Best regards, 


Author Lama Alaeddin