I had my first style coaching session with Lama Seif and I am grateful I kept an open mind and went for the experience.

First of all, the questionnaire that Lama sent me before the session was a mini-guide to how I perceive and see myself. Although I did life coaching, sessions before, I must admit that the set of questions I received added a new dimension to my perception of myself in terms of color, style and self image. Some of the questions challenged me as I got to see and think of myself in ways that are novel to my self evaluation. There was a whole array of questions not just about my body and style, but also about my social and private understanding of myself.

I also enjoyed our make up session. I got to understand the different types of faces and also face and body shapes. Lama lovingly gave me a makeover and a mini guiding tour about to experiment with my make up according to the shape of my face. Many of the things we did together I would not have done if left to myself and I must say this added a fresh and novel look to my image.

Lama is well equipped when it comes to playing with color, clothing and accessories. She produced a whole range of products to show me what best suits my complexion. She also gave me tips about the little twists in style that make all the difference to my body shape in order to reveal, hide or accentuate my look.

I am truly grateful for the experience and I recommend that people keep an open mind and try style coaching to better understand their inner and outer self.


Author Lama Alaeddin